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We believe that Wealth Management is the foundation for enduring family wealth and prosperity. We work with Australia's top tier platforms as well as specialist offshore fund managers to help clients build well diversified portfolios aligned to their risk profiles. 

Wealth Management


We have an extensive list of over 600 managed funds, multi-branded Term Deposits, direct International Securities and Separately Managed Accounts (SMA’s) able to be offered to clients.

We access Australia’s major Wealth Management Platforms such as BT Panorama and Macquarie. If clients require specific offshore investments or wish to consolidate their offshore holdings, we can access these platforms.


We are also able to offer (and source) for clients a range of unique unlisted fund opportunities.

Specialist and Curated Investments


Where clients have a specific need, we can offer access to a range of highly sophisticated specialist funds including Property, Credit, Debt and Resources Funds. We can also access Alternative Assets including specialist offshore Venture Capital and Private Equity funds that are only available to Wholesale or Professional investors and not readily accessible in the Australian market. This includes those funds domiciled in the British Virgin Islands or Luxembourg. We can also offer through our partnership with Citigroup Capital Protected products and US Dollar solutions. 

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