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Channel Private is a Founder and Partner operated Private Office servicing the unique and varied needs of sophisticated clients.


We are uniquely positioned to help clients navigate and engage directly with Australian and Global markets. Our core philosophy on how we approach doing business was instilled in us by our Advisory Board member Mr Robin Chambers AO who taught that Sun Tzu believed that “the big force does not necessarily guarantee victory. Rather, victory lies in the concentration of forces, regardless of their size, and efficiency of their employment”.


Channel Private leverages this philosophy by using its in house expertise as well as experts within its trusted network – a network founded on trust, knowledge, and proven execution capabilities both in Australia and globally to deliver for our clients.


As a Private Office we pride ourselves on being able to advise our clients across a range of disciplines. Being privately owned we are not encumbered by a large multi-national owner or multiple layers of bureaucracy setting unrealistic fees or forcing a one size fits all approach.


From Wealth Management, Corporate Advisory as well as bespoke solutions, our aim is to enable clients to have a professional team diligently working with them towards their goals. 

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